About Our Cheese

The cheeses in the Traditional, Organic, Grass-fed, and Goat categories are produced in the heart of Ohio Amish country. The milk comes from the farms of Amish farm families who generally keep 8–12 cows and refrain from using hormones and prophylactic antibiotics on their herds. The milk is delivered fresh daily to a local dairy co-op, where it is transformed into delicious natural cheeses by traditional cheese-making methods. There are no artificial ingredients or preservatives used. These cheeses are made from pasteurized milk.

The cheese we offer is manufactured with simple methods, yielding a natural, high-quality product. The contrast between a mass-produced supermarket cheese and these freshly made traditional cheeses is significant. The Amish cheese is moist, pungent, and flavorful. The cheese is pulled directly from the aging house and hand-cut when your order is received. And, you will not likely find cheese like this at a more family-friendly price.

Our cheeses are similar in price to your local supermarket's in-store brand; the similarity, however, stops there. We offer traditional Amish cheese, 100% grass-fed cheese, certified organic cheese, goat cheese, and Amish roll butter.

Once you try our cheese, you'll never go back to regular store-bought cheese again! And be sure to let us know what you think by either writing a product review or emailing us!